Four blog commenting mistakes in building practical backlinks

Blog commenting is a powerful tool in building practical back links resulting higher page rankings and good SEO.  Leaving quality comments in other blogs is one of the effective link building techniques to promote a blog. But now-a-days, these are extensively used for goody-goody manner resulting spamming.   Let us discus about the major  four blog commenting  mistakes in building  practical back links and their  corrective measures.

Quality: For blog commenting, one has to check or select niche blogs / websites otherwise the target will be wasted.   Do not keep commenting each and every blog you come across.  
If you see some of the blogs:If somebody  comments in a matrimony site about selling of dogs then both will be irrelevant and identified as spamming.  
Here the topic of blog and link in the comments are different and entirely irrelevant.  As per the Penguin & panda approach, the link will be treated as paid link and major search engines will not consider these commented links in their indexing.   Be selective in consider like minded blog articles for blog commenting. 

Content:  Content is the King. Hence in the blog commenting put good content about the article. In the content, you may put addition information about the topic, share your experience, advice or insights that complement what the blogger has posted.  Instead of posting vague comments, one should read the article completely and properly. May it take some extra time but the comments will be richer and effective.  
If you see some of the blogs:Your article is very good and please visits my page.  Your post is simply superb; Mind blowing. Kindly click my page. Your topic is very informative and check my web page.
With above comments, most the search engines treat as spam.  Both the article web page and comment linked webpage will be treated as reciprocal links and no importance will be given in the indexing. Why Goggle, from the above comments, a common writer or blog admin will easily identify as spamming and will not publish / deleted from that page.  Moreover, why a good reader will jump to such page, unless there is a potential in the commented content.

Quantity: Be limitations, while cementing in blogs / sites.  Do not be greedy for submitting comments.  Per day 5-8 comments in niche sites / high pr blogs is better than submitting around 40-50 comments.   
I have  seen  few comments:Some of the spammers posted repeated comments / message and links for each post.  I checked those comments with URL link  in Google search and shocked that same comments were posted in different blogs  for link building.  
Don’t post more links in one day or in a short period. Spread it over for a long time. Moreover, change the commenting content  and be unique for each one.  Most of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing give preference to gradual increased back links than sudden raise. In the latter case, the search engines treat that raise of back links as paid links or syndicate links.

Tracking:  Tracking the blog comments is important than posting new comments.  One has to monitor the URL s systematically through any analytic tool.   Even though some blogs with lesser PR may not provide indexing weight-age  but contribute in getting huge organic traffic.  
I have  seen  few comments:Some of SEO experts prefers higher page ranking sites / blogs for commenting.    But some of these sites do not provide do follow links /anchor text links and resulting in time consuming only. 
With Tracking of these URL, we will know which blog is providing good links / fast indexing of the links and arranging steady and regular organic traffic.   We will select suitable blogs /sites so that the blog commenting yield good returns in link building, indexing, traffic and SEO.